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Todd and his crew recently worked on an episode of the DIY Networks "Bath Crashers" and did a phenomenal job. They showed up each day on time and with great attitudes. They worked extremely fast given the tight schedule of the show. Todd was knowledgable about the products being used, and resourceful in finding out additional information that was needed for installation. I would highly recommend St. Croix Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for any of your plumbing needs. Thanks again for being so great to work with!

— Sarah Sundahl
Bath Crashers

Todd from St. Croix Plumbing was a joy to work with. He worked with us on our last Bath Crashers project. He had to work very fast as we do the bathrooms in three days. He was very positive and friendly. He was very knowledgable about the products and his trade. I would highly recommend Todd for any of your plumbing needs. He is very clean and organized too!!!

— Heather Hankinson
Associate Producer
Bath Crashers

Todd worked with our team on a recent episode of Bath Crashers for DIY Network and did an amazing job. Not only getting the work done incredibly quickly - but doing quality work and always with a great attitude. Recommended highly!

— Mjnuenster

Todd installed a kitchen sink for me. He was timely, detail oriented, and completed the work at a very reasonable price. St. Croix Plumbing will be featured on an upcoming episode of " Home and Garden TV- Bath Crashers". I look forward to watching it on TV and highly recommend St. Croix Plumbing.

— Scott H.

I had St. Croix plumbing out to my home early this week cause I had a main sewer  blockage. I've had other companies out recently for a tree root intrusion. They all told me that my line was broeken. I called St. Croix Plumbing and the technician came to my home and cleared my line completely of tree roots and ran a camera down to be sure my line was in good condition! they saved me THOUSANDS!! I wouldn't call anyone else for my plumbing and drain issues. Im definitely now a life long customer. Thanks again guys!!!

— Jason

Fast, courteous, complete and clean! Id waited 3 weeks for a plumber to come replace old bathroom pipes upstairs. I had buckets in the bedroom below trying to catch the drips since already ruining one bed and making marks on my wood floor where it leaked. The plumber I first called kept saying he was tied up and could be here maybe the end of the week, then the following week. I found St. Croix heating and drain cleaning on and emailed them asking how long it might take to get an estimate and have work done. Todd emailed me back within 20 minutes and said he could come over that afternoon to look at it and start work the next day. I couldnt believe it. He showed up that day, gave me an estimate and said he could start the next am. Came back the next am and finished. He cleaned up everthing too. Its nice to know I now know who I can count on to help when I need it. THANKS TODD!!!

— Tony Chrysler

I thought I had a leak in my water heater and Todd from St. Croix Plumbing and Drain Cleaning came out same day to validate, told me what I needed, was very upfront on pricing and when I called to schedule an install he was able to come that day and totally cleaned up- didnt even know he was here.

— CD

I had a weird problem where the outside faucet was gushing water, and the source was my bathtub. Todd figured it out right away, and fixed it for me. He came on short notice. Im very grateful. Hes a nice guy, very pleasant, friendly, and professional.

— CC

My garbage disposal was not properly installed to the pipes under the sink, and after years of it vibrating the pipes came fully disconnected. Since it was not properly piped, I couldnt just reattach it. Todd was out here the next morning and fixed the piping error. He explained what he was doing and pointed out that the garbage disposal had a small crack so either he could replace it now or I would have to keep an eye on it. He finished the job quickly and it works great now. The price was fair and reasonable. Next time I come across a plumbing problem, I will be calling St. Croix Plumbing again.

— Sherl

I had a slow drain that was getting worse and worse. Jason and I ran some quick tests ( i helped because i like to learn). Jason quickly determined my main line was clogged. He got his machine out, and was addressing the issue within minutes. He walked around my  yard, and suggested that there was likely a root problem (I have no trees in my front yard) so i was skeptical. Within 10 minutes, he was pulling root balls out of my drain. Im impressed, jason explained every step in the process to me, and suggested what preventative steps I could take to minimize the likelihood of future problems. Well worth every cent!

— dexhudsonuser

Jason did a great job! Excellent price, great service, friendly and fast. Didnt realize how slow the drains were. My wife is happy so Im happy.

— Ron Nordin

I was very happy to have Todd do my plumbing. He was very professional, clean, fast, and courteous. I would no hesitate to hire or refer him to event he most demanding customer. Thanks Todd!!

— Tom

I had St. Croix Plumbing come out to replace my water heater. Very professional Todd came out the same day and very reasonably priced. Thanks Todd.

— Lee

Great Work at a Reasonable Price! Todd installed a kitchen sink for me. He was timely, detail oriented, and completed the work at a very reasonable price. St. Croix Plumbing will be featured on an upcoming episode of "Home and Garden TV - Bath Crashers" ( I look forward to watching it on TV and highly recommend St. Croix Plumbing!

— Scott H.

Simply said, St. Croix Plumbing is phenomenal. I have two water heaters in my house that supply my large home. One of the water heaters was making some funny noises and not knowing what it was I decided to shut off the gas and water supply. I called Todd at St. Croix Plumbing on a moment’s notice and asked if he could come out and take a look. Expecting some push back, he surprised me and came right out to my house and diagnosed a bad blower. Being the weekend, Todd made a recommendation that to save money on parts and labor, if I were able to wait until Monday, he would then come out and replace the blower. Monday, Todd was there with blower in hand and the repair was made. Todd went as far to let me know that the blower was under manufacturer warranty and that he would even take care of the paperwork, saving me the time and hassle of doing it myself. I would recommend St. Croix Plumbing to anyone looking for superior service. Thanks Todd!

— Rick and Suzanne C.

I recommend Todd to my clients whenever they need a plumber. He is always willing to work with our schedules. His de-winterization and evaluation skills are second to none. Sometimes the times and days of appraisals, inspections, and closings are changed last minute and Todd is patient and willing to adapt. Many of my clients are working on a budget and I appreciate his willingness to tell them if there are issues that they can solve on their own. I have also recommended him to other investors for advice. Thank you Todd for coming to our rescue again this week!

— Brenda Hanson Realty

I am very pleased with the work done by Todd of St. Croix Plumbing. Over the course of several years, I have had several serious issues with a line going to the outside of the house (for a garden hose). Todd fixed the line and took the time to explain to me how it works and steps I need to take to prevent problems in the future. No one had ever taken the time or had the interest in doing this before. (I am pretty "plumbing illiterate"). This will save me a lot of future headaches! The service was reasonable and timely. I will definitely call on them again, should I need plumbing help.

— Pete H.

We’re repeat customers of St. Croix Plumbing and would highly recommend their services. Professional, honest, and up-front with no surprises.

— Cyndee D.

I assumed my pipes had frozen as I left my garage open. I had a question for a plumber and St. Croix had one answering the phone. I called a few of the other guys and all said "we can send one out to look at the situation." I knew what was wrong I just wanted a professional to confirm my solution. Todd answered the phone, agreed with my analysis of the frozen pipe and confirmed that if I left the values open, the pipe would slowly unfreeze and flow would come. When I have a real issue, Todd will be the first one I call.

— Laurie A.

Todd performed all work as promised, in the timeline contracted upon and for the contract price. He seemed to truly want to fix my on-going sump pump problem and I appreciate that! FYI... I chose St. Croix Plumbing based on the reviews written by others and I felt compelled to do the same! :)

— Niky F.

I needed a new hot water heater and I called around to local plumbers. They all wanted a fee just to take a look. I went to and read the reviews for St. Croix Plumbing and gave them a call. Todd gave me a quote over the phone and came out the next morning working around my schedule and installed the new water heater. We talked about all my plumbing issues starting with replacing the 80+ year old galvanized pipes. So I hired Todd to replace the pipes, put in new faucets, toilets, laundry tub and clean out the drains. All this work was way overdue. He listened to my concerns and found a couple of other problems including a hole in a sewer pipe and no backflow preventer on my boiler. I'm very happy with the work done at a reasonable price and I have more shutoff valves than a girl could want.

— Mary

Todd truly met all of our expectations. He performed the complete plumbing work to complete our basement, bar, bathroom, fireplace, water heater install, water softener, and reorganization of the shut-offs. He was in and out as promised at the quoted price with top notch work. We would surely use him again and highly recommend him for any plumbing work.

— Dave & Diane

After calling numerous plumbers for a water heater replacement, St. Croix Plumbing was one of two that actually quoted a price over the phone and they stuck to that price even after an extra valve was installed. The price was comparable to the lowest bid after taking into account the more expensive brand of water heater (I specifically wanted the Bradford White appliance). Throughout the removal, installation, and disposal of the water heaters Todd was very professional, sociable, and courteous as he even called to inform me that he was running a little behind schedule (15 minutes). Very satisfied with their service.

— Jim

After calling several "Emergency" plumbers for a broken water pipe, only St. Croix Plumbing was readily available to make a trip out on a sub zero Sunday night. Todd arrived within the hour and saved us from a night without running water. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him for any future plumbing work! Keep up the great work!

— Charlie R.

This is our third time using St. Croix Plumbing. The first two times were scheduled projects my husband handled, and the third a broken water heater I handled on Saturday afternoon, home alone. The new heater was installed by early evening. Both my husband and I can't say enough about the great job they do. They are honest, professional, friendly, polite, on time, great at communicating, patient when asked questions, great at explaining the process. We will never use anybody else.

— April G.

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of St. Croix Plumbing’s plumbing service. With over a dozen leaking pipes in my house there was a lot of work to be done, but Todd efficiently fixed all the problems. I would highly recommend using St. Croix Plumbing for any of your needs.

— Drew H.

I have been so happy in working with Todd and the guys from St. Croix Plumbing. They always pick up the phone; they are fast, friendly, and do an excellent job. Period. I would highly recommend them to anybody and anybody looking to do a small or big job! Thanks!

— Johnson B.

From the first call I was blown away with how professional St. Croix Mechanical operated. With 10+ pipes cracked all over the house Todd knew exactly what to do. He knew how to explain it to me how and why it cracked and what I can do after the job was done. The most important thing I liked is that he cared most about doing a great job and making sure everything works properly. These guys are absolutely amazing I would trust them for all my needs for sure!

— J. Holzer

St. Croix Plumbing helped us through two emergency situations and their service and expertise were second to none! I have used their service for over ten years and will continue using their dependable and professional service in the years to come.

— Ken L.

I love these guys. From calling with questions and asking for a quote to scheduling to having the work done it was all a great experience and not at all the nightmare I'd thought it would be. Todd was there on time and ready to go to work. I have an older house with more than a few problem spots and he cheerfully took care of the first few of the worst. Planning on having them in again to work on the next issues on the list. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to have Todd come back again.

— Deborah B.

Our water heater started leaking this past Saturday. After calling a handful of other plumbers who either didn't service our area or wouldn't give a general estimate over the phone, I contacted St. Croix Plumbing. Todd (one of the owners) explained our options and various high-level estimates of each. While he was available to come out that day, we opted to wait until Monday in order to save cost. I did call a few others but decided on St. Croix Plumbing. Wait a great decision that was! As agreed upon, Todd contacted me with a firm estimate first thing Monday morning and was at our home a few hours later. While here, he was very courteous, thorough and patient when answering questions. His general estimate was dead-on and, from what I can tell, was very fair. I would not hesitate to call St. Croix Plumbing for any other plumbing need we have. Great service, excellent communication and a fair price; what more could you ask for? Call them, you won't be disappointed!

— Roger Y.

Todd was time, took care of all the issues and was extremely reasonably priced. I will use him again!

— Mark O.

Todd, thanks for the great service on the sink leak. ia ppreciate you coming after hours to take care of my urgent issue in fast clean and preofessional manner at a fair price! I would recommend you to any of my friends or family.

— Pete K.

I highly recommend Todd and his staff for any new construction, residential, commercial, or emergency issues. Great to deal with. Quality Work.

— Amy S.

They knew what they were talking about. They fixed my problem Very fast and at a reasonable price. i would use them again.

— Bert D.

The guys from St. Croix Plumbing are awesome!! They also do great work. Keep it up, and thanks a bunch guys!

— Dawna E.

VERY SATISFIED! Prompt, Efficient, and Personable!

— Doug A.

Mike came out less than an hour after I called! He took care of us and I would recommend the company to anyone, especially first time home owners!

— Naeja

Here is what the problem was and how it was fixed. The main water-pipe that comes into the house was frozen and the city could not help with this and said it was up to the owner of the house. We got a number to a plumbing company that said they could come out and fix the problem because they have been in the business for 30 years. That was a joke of a company if I ever saw one. They came out and said yes the pipe is frozen and we can heat the pipe with a heat gun or heat the cement or dig up your yard. We asked if they could maybe steam the line and they said no, we don’t do that. I would think you have been around for 30 years you would be able to do that but they said we needed to find another company to help us. We did find another company to help us and if you are reading this you have also found the company that will help you. St. Croix Plumbing is your one stop shop for you to get your problem solved. I would have to say there is not a better company out there anywhere.

— Johnny H.

I had used St. Croix Plumbing before and needed some emergency work. Mike to the rescue! Highly recommend these honest, hard-working guys. Thanks again, Mike and Todd.

— Garth B.

I have worked with Mike and Todd several times. These guys are the first and only call to make! Highly recommend them.

— Louis R.

Mike came out within 30 minutes of my call and gave me a very low bid. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and offered up wonderful service. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone. Thanks!

— Tim M.

I am a supplier for St. Croix Plumbing and to anyone out there in need to hiring one I highly suggest these guys! Mike and Todd are two of the nicest and most honest guys I have met. They are very hard working and dedicated to the quality and performance of every job they take on, and every customer is a valued relationship to these guys!

— Maggie L.

Too has worked on my home on a number of occasions. He has responded quickly, completed all work competently and has left my home looking great. I highly recommend this company.

— Mark T.

Thank you, Todd, for the excellent customer service! I will be recommending your company to everyone I know.

— Kelly S.

We doubled the size of our house with a recent addiction and decided to switch out the old hot water boiler with a high efficiency one. I called around and St. Croix’s bid was the lowest out of three. I now have more room in my basement and my gas bill was cut in half. Thanks a lot, Todd, you do excellent work.

— Will R.

I got bids from another plumber and St. Croix Plumbing. Even though St. Croix Plumbing was cheaper, I went with the other plumber because he had worked with my contractor. What a mistake! I had to have Mike from St. Croix Plumbing come out to clean up what the other plumber couldn’t do, or didn’t do right. Mike is easy to work with and knows what he’s doing. I’d recommend him for plumbing as well as radiant heating jobs. I especially like his attitude that he will get whatever problem you have fixed.

— Roger T.

I called Mike at St. Croix Plumbing six months ago for a bid on my basement finish. He gave a great number and we started right way. They did a quick track in floor heat with a wall hung high boiler. They also roughed in for my dream bathroom. It has a multi-head shower with body sprayers and a steam unit, a whirl pool bath and vessel sinks. They also put in a side arm water heater, whole house water filtration system and high velocity air conditioning. I finally came up with money to finish it all up last week. I called Mike and he remembered the whole project like he just did it yesterday. Two short days later and I have the basement of my dreams. The knowledge mike and St. Croix Plumbing possess is incredible. They really can do it all! Not to mention their bid was thousands under the others with no hidden costs. These guys will be my plumbing and heating contractors for life. All my neighbors had to get their number. Keep up the great work, Mike. I wish you all the best.

— Phil O.

Extremely rare to find the knowledge and integrity that this company has. Todd communicated well and just plain old performed an outstanding job. I am not their #1 fan. Highly recommended them and, most definitely, will call on them again!!!

— Lezlie Y.

Mike came over on time, quickly found my problem, and solved it fast and cheap. These guys can do it all. Plumbing and heating at its best. I’ve never met an honest contractor before St. Croix. These guys are the best!

— Helen G.

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